Hydroelectric power plants are an effective and non-polluting source of primary energy with a long service life. Their construction is tied to the existence of available water resources. Preparation and implementation of the projects feature permanently in the activities of the company AQUATIS a.s. Furthermore, we offer to arrange for the construction and partners for EPC projects for hydro power plants of all types and sizes, including pumped storage schemes and their funding, or even participation in investment.

Surveys, based on the importance and function of the water reservoir and the complexity of the conditions, given its location (geodetic, hydrologic, technical-geological, socio-natural, etc.), are carried out prior the development of the Project Documentation.

Furthermore, we provide: feasibility studies, documentation for Land-use Permits, Building Permit Procedures, documentation for the technical Due Diligence, documentation for selection of the Main Contractor, As-Built Documentation, Project Supervision and reconstruction of hydroelectric power plants.

According to the size, hydraulic  power plants are divided into the following groups: small (HPP) up to 10 MW, medium (HPP) up to 200 MW and large HPP.

According to the design gradient, hydraulic power plants are divided into the following groups: low-pressure plants (with head up to 20 m), medium (with head up to 100 meters) and high pressure HPP.

According to the mode of operation the hydroelectric powers are divided into: run-off-river power plant, high performance power plants and pump storage schemes.

According to the arrangement the HPPs are: weir HPPs, derivative and dam HPPs.


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