Gabčíkovo Water Works - innovation and modernization of two lock chambers

Date: 18.07.2019

In February 2019, AQUATIS employees and other subcontractors began working intensively on a major and internationally monitored international contract entitled “Innovation and Modernization of Navigation Chambers to Increase Safety and Intensity of Water Transport at Gabčíkovo Waterworks”. This complicated construction includes a complete reconstruction and modernization of two lock chambers at the Gabčíkovo dam in order to improve their operability and safety of the water structure, some of which are on the verge of durability and functional reliability (after more than 25 years of intensive chambers operation) technology and equipment repairs). Each of the chambers has a useful floor plan of 34 mx 275 m with a minimum water depth of 4.5 m and allows ships to overcome a height difference of 12.7 m to 23.6 m (the difference between the minimum and maximum operating level). 12 to 15 minutes.
 Part of the construction will be the replacement of all steel gate closures (2x upper segmental door, 2x stop flap, 2x lower supporting gate, 4x dynamic door protection, 16x inlet and outlet control valves, temporary sliding gate PH 4x4, etc.) including related hydraulic and motor systems, control system and electro technology (new inlet substation, reconstruction of the VS 110 kV substation, etc.). The construction part also includes measures for elimination of leaks under locks (ie grouting of subsoil and sealing of working and expansion joints) and local remediation of damaged concrete surfaces of the locks, carried out both in the own chambers and in the filling and emptying channels. The electrical part is then modernized complete control, information and security system.
 The total budget of the construction is almost € 149.9 million, the project is co-financed by the EU from the Connecting Europe Facility under II. CEF Transport calls and the contribution provided is 85% with compulsory co-financing of 15%. The investor of the construction is the state enterprise Vodohospodárska výstavba Bratislava. Metrostav a.s., division 8 was chosen as the general contractor of the construction.
 The design work (52 buildings in total, ca 202 subobjects including all hydraulic and static calculations) in the DSP and DRS level had to be completed by 16.7. 2019, when 7 copies of the implementation project were handed over (which represented 77 boxes filled with various annexes and documents) - see. photo from handover of realization project to Investor from 16.7. 2019.
 Acknowledgments belong not only to AQUATIS employees who participated in the event (it was around 35 people in the maximum effort), but also to all external subcontractors - especially SC Statik, s.r.o. (steel structures), Litostroj Engineering a.s. (steel structures), ART Projekt Base, s.r.o. (hydraulic systems), Regotrans, spol. s r.o. (motor part and control systems) and others (Slovak University of Technology Bratislava). Now the long and demanding phase of construction (in stages in the order of the right - left chamber) will take place, on which the general designer AQUATIS is in the position of AD construction, with the date of completing the complete reconstruction in January 2022.

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